"Stepping Up to New Opportunities"

This is our signature entrepreneur series!  It is of great benefit to individuals exploring opportunities in entrepreneurship, as well as those already in business who need to reboot or launch their business. 

We've assembled a dedicated bastion of business leaders, CEO's, attorneys and accountants who voluntarily serve as presenters, many of whom are alumni and successful entrepreneurs themselves.  Their  professional expertise, proven leadership, understanding of our program's mission and desire to "give back" provides a winning combination and ensures a strong support group for the budding entrepreneurs in the program.  

Program Objectives:

Each topic is designed to build on the previous one to be sure you have a good understanding of how to overcome the obstacles and barriers confronted by small business.

Partial tuition scholarships are available.  Those participants completing our award winning series will receive a Certificate of Completion as well as a Certificate of Achievement for completing a business plan.

 Entrepreneur Advantage

This 2 part, 4 hour series incorporates business modeling, value proposition and solid marketing techniques for second stage and growth entrepreneurs. 

 Mentor Advantage

Our program has always had mentors interacting with our entrepreneurs, but we've now officially launched the Mentor Advantage Series.  Our mentors are business people who demonstrate strong leadership and business et

hics.  This entrepreneur mentor certificate is for consultants and counselors.  We are proud not only of building communities of entrepreneurs but also mentors.


  [in] Focus Entrepreneur Series

We host this series which offers seminars with key topics for entrepreneurs, businesses and non-profit organizations. It is a part of our Entrepreneur Advantage Series.  Past topics have included: Tax planning with a purpose, Defending your business identity, Civility in the workplace, Do's and don'ts of social media, A new generation of employees: Mentoring the millennials.